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Ceiba Wellness

Tul’ix Indigenous Arts Practitioner. 

Sobada de Matriz. Intuitive Maya Womb Healing.

Mayan Ceremonialist . Somatic Dreaming. Yoga.

Mindfulness Based Care.   

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About Ceiba Wellness

My journey to healing began in 2012, after being diagnosed with
an auto-immune condition.

I researched, I read books, and I sought out alternative medicine practitioners. During my journey to physical healing I was faced with a lot of unknowns in my personal life, and I realized that the support I needed did not exist. That same year, I began to uproot myself, I quit my high stress job, I continued my search for the right health practitioner, and I came to the realization that while I searched for someone to heal ALL of me, I had been looking in all of the wrong places. My whole being craved a different approach to traditional western healing. I decided that I had to create what I needed for myself. 

In 2015, after some years of self healing, and self exploration, I launched Ceiba Wellness (pronounced "Sei-buh").

The Ceiba is a tropical tree that is native to Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. The Ceiba tree is majestic, respected and considered sacred to the Mayan people. This tree is believed to be the connection between heaven, earth and the underworld. It is believed to have a connection to God, and to be a source of life because it is always growing near water.

The Ceiba tree embodies my culture, it connects me to my ancestors, to divine wisdom, and to life. 


“Jenn was gentle, reassuring, kind, and caring in our sessions. She listened to my needs and seamlessly knew where to guide me. She has a strong intuition that benefitted me greatly. “

“My sessions with Jenn were incredibly warm and supportive.

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