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The Three Sisters ceremonial grade cacao is ethically and sustainably harvested by a small team, but mighty team of local farmers in Guatemala.

Each batch of cacao is carefully fermented, dried, and toasted. The artisanal processing of the seeds allows for an extraordinarily high-quality control.

Hand peeling allows women’s collectives to ensure that each bean is in the perfect state.

All of the beans are criollo cacao hybrids cultivated in farmer-owned lands.

Each purchase of our cacao ensures that local farmers can grow organic cacao, continue sustainable indigenous agro-forestry practices, and empower communities by paying them a living wage, and ensuring that their families thrive.


1 pound of Organic artisanal fair trade Ceremonial Cacao paste from Guatemala.


You can choose between 2 single origin Cacao varieties:


Mama Amor

The flavor of this particular kind has been evolved and fermented into fruity, acidic, and noted with caramel bittersweet tones.This cacao is made of various criollo hybrids for a diverse experience, ground and fermented for one week in banana leaves at 550m altitudes. Your purchase supports 15 women of an established collective where they have mastered this ancient art, and continue to refine their craft.


Fermented for 7 days in banana leaves

Women’s collective

Fruit forest village

Diverse criollo hybrids




“Panan” comes from the vocable “Pa Nana” which means “for the mother” from the Tz’utujil “Nana” for the mother or the woman space holder.


Neighbor to Chicacao the village of Panan was probably an ancient place of devotion to the sacred feminine, before colonization. The Name “for the mother” in an ancestral Cacao producing region lets us guess that in ancient times there may have been certain altars and ceremonies specially dedicated to feminin and motherly entities in the area. As it was often the case in Cacao forest in that region, where cacao was commonly associated with goddess figures.


Selected criollo hybrids

Fermented for 6 days in buckets

Family collective

Small landowners

Semi wild fruit forest

Altitude 700m

Suchitepequez région




The Three Sisters Ceremonial Grade Cacao Block

Excluding Sales Tax
Expected to ship by December 2023
  • Jenn's Favorite Recipe:

    6 oz hot water + 40 grams (approx 4 TBSP) of The Three Sisters Ceremonial cacao

    Pilloncillo (raw brown sugar) or Monk sugar to taste

    Cinnamon stick

    Dash of vanilla extract

    Dash of chili powder

    Your choice of milk


    *Bring your water to a gentle boil, add your piloncillo, cinnamon stick and allow sugar to disolve.

    Once disolved, add in your cacao serving, chili powder and vanilla extract.

    Add in your milk and blend.

    Set your intention as you make your drink, pour and enjoy!


    For the smoothest & creamiest results, use a molinillo or a blender safe for hot liquids. You can also use a metal whisk or immersion blender.


    Serving size:

    One ceremonial dose of cacao is 4tbsps. Follow your intuition and play with your own recipe.

    If you’re new to cacao, we recommend using half a ceremonial serving in 5-6oz of water or milk.



    Health Properties of Cacao:

    The highest level of antioxidants compared to all other food sources. Antioxidants assist in eliminating free radicals in the body, which reduces stress levels.

    ​Offers a sustainable source energy, theobromine, which is similar to caffeine, but more calm. This stimulates an awakened sense in your whole body that lasts for a few hours without symptoms of coming down.

    ​Elevates the heart rate (up to 20%!). This stimulation of the heart will lead to a deeper sense of love and well-being emanating from your whole body.

    ​Is full of minerals necessary for a healthy body: calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, beta-carotene, omega 6 fatty acids, and amino acids.

    ​Mood elevating compounds anandamide and tryptophan allow you to access deeper states of euphoria and relaxation.

    ​Drinking or eating cacao is in of itself pleasurable, relaxing, and uplifting!

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