Jenn Mason, MA. MS. RYT, PCC.
Integrative Life and Wellness Coach

I am an innovative coach and women's health expert. I facilitate health education and coaching initiatives with private and corporate clients.


Who I work with:

Most of my corporate clients seek support with stress reduction, resilience building, and work-life balance to help reduce burnout and provide well rounded support for their teams. I provide workshops, lunch & learns and direct 1:1 coaching.

My expertise, training, and intuitive nature provide a client-centered approach to life and health related concerns, based in mind-body medicine. My private clients often seek support with more specialized wellness concerns (pre-diabetes, pain management), health coaching, short and long term goals, work-life balance, and/or the somatic experiences through yoga, and movement. 

I also provide private hypnotherapy, and curate hatha and restorative yoga sessions based on an individuals needs.

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